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10 Hilarious Rohit Sharma Press Conferences


10 Hilarious Rohit Sharma Press Conferences


Rohit Sharma, the Indian cricketing sensation, is not only known for his breathtaking batting but also for his witty and humorous remarks during press conferences. He has a knack for adding a touch of humour to the otherwise serious affairs of cricket. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 10 funny moments from Rohit Sharma’s press conferences, and his unforgettable one-liners.

1. “Abhi kya bataunga?”

This is one of Rohit Sharma’s most famous catchphrases, and he has used it on numerous occasions in press conferences. It is usually used when he is asked a question that he does not want to answer, or when he is not sure how to answer it. On this particular occasion, Rohit was asked by a reporter what he would suggest to Pakistani batters in regards to their batting improvement.

2. “Birthday pe kya bolte h…. Happy Birthday?”

This was Rohit Sharma’s response to a journalist who asked him about MS Dhoni’s birthday plans.

3. “2013 ke pehle ka sab chhod do”

This was Rohit Sharma’s response to a journalist who asked him about a match that he played in 2011. His response to the journalist was a humorous way of saying that there is a lot that has changed in his batting style after 2013.

4. “Ye pagalpanti hum nahi karte”

This was when Rohit Sharma volunteered to explain to the reportes what he meant when he said there should be flexibility in the team.

5. “Mera kaam nahi hai, sir”

At the captains’ day press conference ahead of the World Cup 2023 when Rohit was asked about the 2019 World Cup finals and whether England and New Zealand could have been declared joint winners after the super over also ended in a tie, Rohit simply said: “It’s not my job to declare the winner.”


6. “Sala mat bolo yaar”

This was when a journalist was talking about Ajinkya Rahane and he said “Sala chaabuk batting krta h.”

7. “I forgot what you asked.”

This was typical Rohit Sharma who is known for his forgetful nature. When a reporter asked three questions together directed at Rohit, Parthiv Pathel and Shane Bond in that very order,by the time it was Rohit’s turn to answer, he had forgotten what was asked to him.


8. “Hopefully Sharma and Kohli can roll some arm over in the World Cup”

This was when Rohit was asked about his bowling options ahead of the Asia Cup 2023.


9. “You kept asking where’s Rishabh Pant.”

This was after Rishabh Pant was promoted to bat at the No. 4 spot ahead of Hardik Pandya in a match, many had expressed their surprise. When asked about the same in the post-match press conference, Rohit said: “Not really (surprised) because you all wanted Rishabh Pant to play right? Right from the time we left India, you all kept on asking where Rishabh Pant is. There he is at No.4.”

10. “Mujhe toh abhi yeh bhi nahi pata ki kaun sa shot hai vo. Ab kya bolu main usme?”

This humorous reaction from Rohit came right after Sachin Tendulkar’s statue was unveiled at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. When asked about what he thinks of the statue, Rohit joked that he wasn’t even sure which shot it was, but since it was a statue of a straight lofted shot, he hoped everyone enjoyed it.



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