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‘Wicket from India vs Pakistan was drier’: Rohit Sharma assesses Ahmedabad pitch | Cricket


‘Wicket from India vs Pakistan was drier’: Rohit Sharma assesses Ahmedabad pitch | Cricket


Australia captain Pat Cummins confirmed on late Saturday afternoon that the 2023 World Cup final against India will be played on a used track in Ahmedabad, the one where Pakistan played against the host nation back in October 14. But India captain Rohit Sharma revealed that the track looked a tad different from the one the team played on against Pakistan and admitted that the conditions have changed largely as well which led to him ruling out toss as a factor in the final against Australia.

India's Rohit Sharma during practice (REUTERS)
India’s Rohit Sharma during practice (REUTERS)

Speaking to the media on the eve of the big match at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Rohit revealed that the pitch used for the Pakistan match was a lot drier than the one laid down for the final which has a bit of grass and felt will be sluggish in nature. The captain further admitted that dew is unlikely to be a factor in Ahmedabad and hence ruled out the importance of toss factor.

“There was no grass on that wicket but this has a bit of grass on it. The wicket from India vs Pakistan was a lot drier. I still haven’t looked at the wicket today. But from my understanding, it’s going to be on a slower side. We’ll see the pitch tomorrow and assess. The temperature has dropped a bit as well. I don’t know how much of a factor the dew will be because in that Pakistan game there was a lot of dew during training but not on matchday. Same happened at Wankhede where there was dew one day before but not during the semis. I don’t think the toss will play a big role,” he said.

It is not just Team India who are on a winning streak in this World Cup, the Aussies have won 8 in a row themselves to make the final of a World Cup for the eighth time. Although hailing them as a deserving opponent for the summit clash, Rohit remained unfazed at their streak and rather stressed on the importance of India focussing on their game and plans.

“Australia have won 8 out of 8. They have played good cricket and both the teams deserve to be in the finals. We know what Australia can do. They are a very complete side. We want to focus on what we want to do. We don’t want to worry about what kind of form they are in rather focus on our cricket and plans,” he said.


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