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Wasim Akram Mocks Hasan Raza For Controversial Remark On India Bowlers


Wasim Akram Mocks Hasan Raza For Controversial Remark On India Bowlers


Former Pakistan cricketer Wasim Akram opened up about Hasan Raza’s allegations on the Indian team during the ICC World Cup 2023. He said that his comments were embarrassing for the whole Pakistan and he hoped that his old teammate would feel better soon. 

Hasan Raza shook the entire cricket fraternity when he made shocking allegations against the Indian team. The former Pakistan cricketer said that ICC is giving different balls to Indian bowlers which swings more. He also said that BCCI is manipulating the DRS technology. 

Speaking during the TV show, he stated: “We are seeing that when they are batting, they bat really well and suddenly the ball starts doing things when India bowl. There have been 7-8 close DRS calls that have gone in their favour. The way Siraj and Shami were swinging the ball, it seemed like the ICC or the BCCI were giving them different and suspicious balls in the second innings. There needs to be an inspection done on the ball. There could also be an extra layer of coating on the ball for swing.” 

Indian bowlers have been exceptional in the tournament. They haven’t allowed opposition batters to settle in and have dominated throughout the event. Pacers, in particular, have been exceptional as have extracted a lot of swing and have troubled the batters.

After he made those comments, he received a lot of criticism from various fans as well as cricketers from across the globe. On a recent episode of the Club Prairie Fire podcast, Wasim was asked about Hasan Raza’s comments. He too was baffled by the comments the former Pakistan cricketer made. 

Wasim Akram said that Hasan Raza is getting famous because of what he said. Akram while taking a jibe at Raza stated that the latter is making silly comments on the local channel. The bowling great elaborated: 

“I don’t know which channel Hasan is on. I haven’t seen the guy. I remember playing with him. He played under me in a couple of Test matches that was a long time ago. And he is on some channel in Pakistan where he comes up with these gems, and I think that he thinks that he is getting famous because of these gems.” 

But somebody has to tell him that… – Wasim Akram on Hasan Raza 

Wasim Akram further stated that Hasan Raza is trying to make everyone stupid. He admitted that they all felt embarrassed after his comments. He added: 

“But somebody has to tell him that he is making us… for even us it’s quite a little embarrassing when somebody comes up with these kinds of claims, stupid claims. I hope he feels better soon though.” 

India have reached the final of the ICC World Cup 2023. They will take on Australia on 19th November. Bowlers will be crucial for them as they have a huge role in the tournament. It remains to be seen if they can end their title drought or not.


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