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TV Anchor Shefali Bagga’s unique and lovely birthday wish for Virat Kohli wins hearts


TV Anchor Shefali Bagga’s unique and lovely birthday wish for Virat Kohli wins hearts


On Sunday (November 5), cricket fans from around the world celebrated the 35th birthday of their beloved cricketer and India’s star batter, Virat Kohli. Although the day was filled with heartfelt wishes for Virat from all corners of the globe, the one wish that caught the eye of everyone and captured the hearts of millions came from renowned TV anchor and journalist Shefali Bagga.

Shefali surprised everyone with a creative and touching video birthday wish that showcased her deep admiration for the cricket legend.

Who is Shefali Bagga?

Shefali is a familiar face in the world of sports journalism. With a career that has seen her work with prestigious channels like ABP News, Star Sports and Sony, she has earned a well-deserved reputation for her expertise in the field.

Shefali’s passion for cricket and her unwavering support for the Indian cricket team shine through her social media posts and public appearances. She has had the privilege of interviewing and collaborating with many cricketers, making her an influential figure in the world of sports journalism.

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Shefali Bagga’s unique birthday wish for Virat Kohli

For Virat’s 35th birthday, Shefali came up with a creative and heartwarming video wish that was nothing short of extraordinary. In the video titled “How god created Virat Kohli”, Shefali takes the audience on a unique journey to highlight the exceptional qualities of the cricketing legend. Using a glass and two bottles filled with water, she presents a visually engaging tribute to the Delhi-born cricketer.

The video begins with the pouring of water from both bottles as Shefali introduces the legendary traits of Virat: “runs, cover drives, and centuries.” This symbolic act illustrates how Kohli is a perfect blend of class and cricketing excellence.

The next segment of the video portrays the more fiery side of Virat, encapsulated by the words “aggression” and “Ben Stokes.” As Shefali pours water from one of the bottles onto the “Ben Stokes” side, she humorously alludes to Virat’s penchant for using the Indian cuss word on the field.

Interestingly, the video then transitions to the concept of “koi kami” or “any shortcoming.” Shefali, however, refrains from pouring water, indicating that there are no shortcomings in Virat and he’s a perfectionist.

As the video progresses, Shefali also addresses various facets of Virat’s life, including his fitness, love for his wife Anushka Sharma, and their daughter Vamika, as well as his deep involvement in Bhakti (devotion). Shefali’s creative presentation highlights the multifaceted personality of the cricketing icon.

The video culminates with a humorous nod to Virat’s massive fan following. Shefali cleverly incorporates a famous meme template featuring a colossal sea wave, symbolizing the overwhelming support and love Virat receives from his fans. Her expressive narration and playful elements brought an extra layer of charm to this unique birthday wish.

Here’s the video of Shefali Bagga’s birthday wish for Virat Kohli:

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