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“This Relaxed, Carefree Attitude Of Bazballers..”- Michael Vaughan Namedrops Virat Kohli In Bashing England Players After World Cup 2023


“This Relaxed, Carefree Attitude Of Bazballers..”- Michael Vaughan Namedrops Virat Kohli In Bashing England Players After World Cup 2023

Former England skipper Michael Vaughan has urged the English cricket team to address their fitness issues, especially in white-ball cricket. Michael Vaughan cited ace Indian batter Virat Kohli as an example, highlighting his commitment to fitness to prepare for the games.

Virat Kohli, recognized as one of the fittest players, success in ODIs depends on his proficiency in running between the wickets and finding gaps in the field. The Delhi-born cricketer initiated a fitness revolution in the Indian cricket team during his stint as captain.

Virat Kohli Masterminds The Chase – Michael Vaughan

In his column for The Telegraph, Michael Vaughan lauded Bazballers in Test cricket but stressed the need for a more disciplined fitness routine to succeed in ODIs. Vaughan pointed to Kohli as a master of the game who exemplifies the required fitness standards.

“This relaxed, carefree attitude of the Bazballers has been great but it should not roll into white-ball games. In white-ball cricket you have to be fit, running between wickets and in the outfield. Look at Virat Kohli. He spends four hours running around in the field and then goes and bats for 3-4 hours and masterminds the chase. That is fitness,” Vaughan wrote.

England faced a disappointing campaign in the 2023 World Cup, finishing 7th on the points table. The team’s fitness issues were evident during their match against South Africa in Mumbai, where bowlers struggled in the challenging heat, requiring frequent drink breaks.

Fitness Is Hugely Important For Discipline – Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan expressed concerns about reverting to old-school approaches and encouraged a modern and disciplined fitness routine for the team. The former batter urged the team’s managing director, Robert Key, to introduce fitness benchmarks.

“English cricket has to set benchmarks and fitness is hugely important for discipline. It shows discipline in life if you are fit and looking after yourself, getting in the gym, pounding the treadmill and doing your miles. Cricket is a running game. I hope Key and the team behind the scenes are making sure that is important and not going back to the old-school days,” he added.

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