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The Fake “IPL” League | Cricket Web


The Fake “IPL” League | Cricket Web

Russian scammers orchestrated a grand deception on betting players.

The gang got arrested for running a counterfeit Indian cricket league.

The Indian police claim that a gang associated with Russia invented a betting scam reminiscent of the 1973 movie ‘The Sting.’

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The group of scammers organized a fake tournament called the ‘Indian Premier League’ (IPL), where regular workers posed as players. All of this was done to deceive bettors.

The so-called Indian Premier League in cricket reached the quarter-final stage when the group was apprehended by the police in India. According to the police, the tournament commenced three weeks after the actual conclusion of the real IPL in May. Yet, this did not hinder the gang, who leased a remote farm in the western state of Gujarat.

They set up a cricket field with the necessary markings and lighting. Additionally, the accused installed high-resolution cameras on the ground and used computer graphics to display results on the live streaming screen.

Allegedly, the gang hired workers or unemployed young individuals, paying them 400 rupees (5 dollars) per game, and broadcasted matches live on a YouTube channel named IPL.

It’s humorous, but players took turns wearing jerseys of the Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Gujarat Titans, following the instructions of their Russian instigators!

Crowd noise sound effects were downloaded from the Internet. A speaker was installed to mimic one of the actual Indian IPL commentators, adding authenticity to the tournament. Simultaneously, the cameraman ensured that the entire field was not shown; instead, the focus was on close-up shots of the players.

Russian players were lured to place bets on a Telegram channel created by the gang, whose members then alerted the fake on-field umpire using radios. A signal was then relayed to the players on the field, indicating how the game should conclude.

According to the police, the quarter-final match was underway when they received a tip-off and exposed the fraud. The accused received bets totalling over 300,000 rupees (3,700 dollars) from players in Russia.”

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