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T Dilip reveals how fielding awards became an integral part of India’s success


T Dilip reveals how fielding awards became an integral part of India’s success


T. Dilip, India’s fielding coach, explained the rationale behind the team management’s practice of identifying the best fielder after each World Cup game and presenting an award for the same in an innovative, often grand manner.

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Notably, the behind-the-scenes footage showcasing the fielding awards in the Indian dressing room has garnered significant attention, and the mastermind behind this initiative is none other than T. Dilip himself. The fielding coach gives a thorough analysis of the Indian team’s performance on the field, including recognizing exceptional acts of fielding excellence. Following that, the best fielder for the game is usually announced in an unusual manner, with the winner receiving a medal.

“So, the whole idea actually started and you are seeing the medal in the World Cup. But this idea we started four months back, where we started to declare the best fielder award in the dressing room in every game. Just at the medal and we are able to see the medal presentation all over in social media now in the World Cup,” T. Dilip told the media in the post-match press conference.

Dilip has grown increasingly inventive with the manner in which awards have been announced as the World Cup has progressed. This has also resulted in a healthy level of competition among the Indian team members, with everyone attempting to put their bodies on the line and give their all on the field in order to earn the coveted dressing room medal for the best fielder. It’s clear from the manner players have rejoiced after catching balls, motioning to the fielding coach and begging to be handed with the medal.

“But the whole idea was to make sure that we not only encourage or talk about that brilliant catch, but also the consistent performance in a 50-over game, which is very important because 300 balls, how you carry that consistency, whether it is catching or effort or intensity, is what we want to get that important going. So that was the main reason behind getting this medal,” Dilip added.

Published By:

Saurabh Kumar

Published On:

Nov 12, 2023


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