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Neeraj Chopra focused on breaching 90m milestone ahead of 2024 Paris Olympics: My best is yet to come


Neeraj Chopra focused on breaching 90m milestone ahead of 2024 Paris Olympics: My best is yet to come


India star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra said that his best is yet to come while talking about breaching the 90-meter milestone ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Speaking to the media at a promotional event for supplement brand ‘Optimum Nutrition’, Chopra said his best is yet to come, adding that he hasn’t felt like he’s been near his best for a long time. Chopra recorded his best-ever throw of 89.94m at the Stockholm Diamond League in 2022.

“I want to say this very clearly that my best is yet to come. I have not felt in a competition for a long time that I have done my best or done near my best. 6 cm is left to be achieved. It was 89.94m at Stockholm Diamond League. I was a bit behind the line that time. Had I thrown my javelin by moving a bit ahead, it would have been 90m,” said Chopra.

Chopra went on to say that he has to do a lot of improvement when it comes to his leg work, adding that if he is fully fit, he’ll do well in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Chopra capped off another sensational season with an Asian Games Gold medal in the men’s javelin event with a season best throw of 88.88m.

“My coach always says that it 60 per cent legs and 40 per cent upper body. So leg work is very important. I have to do a lot of improvement in leg work. I do a lot of things good. My flexibility is quite good, but personally I feel because of my arm speed, I am doing very well. Next year, I feel I will improve on my technique, will work more on my strength and flexibility. If everything is all right, 100 per cent fit and my groin is all right, I will do very well in Paris Olympics,” Chopra added.

Chopra became world champion earlier this year, adding to his historic gold in the Tokyo Olympics. He then went on to defend his Asian Games title in the Hangzhou last month.

Edited By:

Rounaq Sehrawat

Published On:

Oct 31, 2023


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