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ICC Suspends Sri Lanka Cricket Over Governance Breach


ICC Suspends Sri Lanka Cricket Over Governance Breach


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken a decisive step by suspending Sri Lanka Cricket’s membership with immediate effect, following a meeting of the ICC Board.

The decision, based on a breach of obligations as a member, primarily relates to the mandate for autonomous management of cricketing affairs and the prevention of government interference in the governance and administration of cricket within Sri Lanka.

The ICC Board has concluded that Sri Lanka Cricket has failed to fulfill these obligations, necessitating the immediate suspension of its membership. The specific conditions and terms of the suspension will be defined by the ICC Board in the coming period.

This action by the ICC Board marks a significant development in the governance of cricket within Sri Lanka and underscores the ICC’s commitment to upholding the autonomy and independence of its member bodies in the administration of the sport. Further details and implications of this suspension are yet to be decided and will be made clear in the course of proceedings.

This is a Developing story. More Details will be added….


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