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“I Would Marry Aishwarya Rai And Get A Good Baby From Her..”- Abdul Razzaq


“I Would Marry Aishwarya Rai And Get A Good Baby From Her..”- Abdul Razzaq

Former Pakistan cricketer Abdul Razzaq made a bold claim after the team’s debacle in the ICC World Cup 2023. He said that we don’t have the intention to polish the national cricket team and develop the players.

Pakistan’s disappointing outing in the ICC World Cup 2023 hurt many back home. Following their losses in the tournament many questions have been raised on the team management, coaches, players, and even the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Many of the members of the board, Babar Azam‘s spot as a leader, and Micky Arthur’s position are under serious scrutiny. Former cricketers of the team have left no stone unturned in lashing out at the current team.

Abdul Razzaq made a bold claim, targeting the team with their intentions. He said that before doing anything we need to make our intentions clear. He cited the example of his playing days, saying that he knew Younis Khan had a desire to take the team forward, and then only he gave his best. Speaking during the event, he explained:

“When I talk about intentions, I knew my captain Younis Khan had good intentions. I took confidence from this thing, if my captain’s intentions were good and if he wanted to do good for the team then I also got the motivation to deliver for my team.

“There are lots of talks about the Pakistan Cricket Team and players, the thing is we don’t have good intentions to polish the team and develop the players. If your thinking is ‘I would marry Aishwarya Rai and then get a good baby from her’ this won’t happen. You need to correct your intentions.”

India is making the most of the home condition – Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Razzaq recently praised the India Cricket Team for making good use of the home conditions. He highlighted how India had their game plan set against South Africa. He explained:

“India is making the most of the home condition. The way they started against South Africa in the first ten overs, it gave them the edge. Then from 11-30, they were happy taking three-four runs per over. In the last 10 overs, they again upped the ante. They knew on this pitch 250 would be enough, but still played the aggressive brand of cricket.”

India has produced a dominating performance in the league stage of the tournament They remained unbeaten in the league stage and won 9 out of the 9 games in the tournament. They will be next seen in action when they will take on New Zealand in the semi-final on Wednesday (15th November) at the iconic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

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