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“I Will Watch The Match With Fans..”- MS Dhoni Provides Humongous Update On His Availability For IPL 2024


“I Will Watch The Match With Fans..”- MS Dhoni Provides Humongous Update On His Availability For IPL 2024


Legendary cricketer MS Dhoni recently hinted about his future with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the 2024 season. While confirming his participation in the next IPL season, MS Dhoni stated that he’s making every effort to play.

MS Dhoni underwent knee surgery after the conclusion of the last season and has yet to regain his full fitness. The 42-year-old, who led the CSK franchise to their fifth title, hasn’t touched the bat since the final, raising concerns about his participation in the IPL 2024.

I Am Trying My Best – MS Dhoni

In a recent interview, MS Dhoni expressed optimism about his comeback, stating that if everything goes well, he will play in the IPL 2024. Dhoni stated that the doctor’s prognosis is that his left knee should recover sufficiently by November.

“I am trying my best. Everyone knows I had surgery on my left knee. The doctor said that it will be as normal as possible by November; if everything goes right, you will definitely see me playing in the IPL 2024. If not, I’ll watch the match with fans (smiles),” MS Dhoni said.

MS Dhoni Never Complained About His Knee – Kasi Viswanathan

In June this year, CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan praised MS Dhoni’s commitment to the team and his leadership, saying that he never complained about his knee injury, even though it was evident from his struggles while running.

“Till the final, he never complained about his knee to anybody. Though everyone knew, and you would’ve seen him struggling while running, he never complained even once. After the final, he said, ‘okay, I’ll have a surgery.’ He’s finished his surgery, he’s quite happy, he’s recovering,” Viswanathan said.

“We never asked him things like, ‘Do you want to play or do you want to sit out.’ If he can’t, he would’ve told us straightaway. We knew it was a struggle for him to play, but his commitment to the team, his leadership, and how the team benefits everyone knows. From that perspective, you have to appreciate him.”

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