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Gujarat Titans’ COO slams an IPL franchise on directly contacting Mohammed Shami for trade deal


Gujarat Titans’ COO slams an IPL franchise on directly contacting Mohammed Shami for trade deal


In the midst of the fervour surrounding the ongoing trading saga ahead of IPL auction 2024, excitement has been interwoven with controversies, adding an intriguing dimension to the cricketing landscape. Recently, a peculiar activity regarding player transfer has raised eyebrows of the cricketing fraternity.

Colonel Arvinder Singh, the Chief Operating Officer of Gujarat Titans, asserted that a direct contact had been made by an IPL franchise with their skilled pacer, Mohammed Shami, for a potential trade.

This revelation has injected an element of collusion into the trading dynamics, as direct communication between franchises and players can be a contentious issue within the established framework of IPL regulations.

GT team management is not happy with the approach: Titans’ COO

Arvinder expressed concerns about the approach of IPL franchises directly contacting players, emphasizing that while franchises have the right to target top names, directly contacting them is highly inappropriate.

“Every franchise has the right to go for top players. The wrong part is that if an IPL franchise directly approaches a player. The method is wrong and the GT team management is not happy with the approach,” Arvinder said in an interview with News18.

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Titans’ COO’s forward opinion

Arvinder underscored the importance of following the BCCI‘s rules regarding player trade odds, expressing dissatisfaction with the recent scenario. The latter highlighted the significance of transparent communication and suggested that approaching the franchise directly would have been a more appropriate course of action if they were interested in a transfer.

“The BCCI’s rule regarding player trade-odds, how the expression of interest cane be made to BCCI and then they will inform us. Then the franchise decides. This IPL team approached our coaching staff which is wrong. If they wanted the transfer, they could have talked to us upfront. We got to know about the approach later on.” he added.

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