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Gautam Gambhir Praises Virat Kohli For His Consistency And Longevity, Says ‘The Impact He Has Had Is Incredible’


Gautam Gambhir Praises Virat Kohli For His Consistency And Longevity, Says ‘The Impact He Has Had Is Incredible’


Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli have been involved in a number of arguments and fights on the field and Gambhir has always refrained from praising Kohli’s brilliance on the field. However, it was Gautam Gambhir who gave up his Man of the Match in a game against Sri Lanka in 2009 and asked Virat to collect the award as he had scored his first ODI hundred.

The two Delhi brats have seen some altercations in the IPL as the two have played for rival teams. Virat Kohli has played his entire IPL career for the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Gautam Gambhir was once leading Kolkata Knight Riders. There is a touch of a heated rivalry between the two teams and that has led to some altercations between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir.

In a ‘Once in a blue moon’ moment, Gautam Gambhir was heard praising Virat Kohli on Star Sports. Gautam Gambhir praised Virat Kohli’s consistency and longevity in all three formats. He also talked about the impact that Virat has had on the team in all three formats. He said, “The Impact that Virat Kohli has had in all three formats is incredible – his longevity and consistency with which he has scored in all three formats is commendable”.

Gautam Gambhir And Virat Kohli Share A Twisted Bond On The Field

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir once shared a strong bond on the field and everyone remembers their partnership in the game where Virat scored his first ODI hundred against Sri Lanka. In the very same match, Gautam Gambhir recorded his highest individual score in the format scoring 150 off 137 balls. However, the two were first involved in a heated argument in the IPL 2013 when Virat got out and Gambhir gave him an aggressive send-off.

After the 2013 IPL, the two of them again clashed into an altercation in the 2016 IPL and then the 2023 IPL. The two don’t seem to get along since the 2013 incident and now Gambhir rarely speaks about Virat in any of his statements but even he couldn’t deny the longevity of India’s batting maestro and a modern-day legend Virat Kohli.


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