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Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet plan is prepared by NASA scientist: Ramiz Raja’s bizarre statement goes viral


Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet plan is prepared by NASA scientist: Ramiz Raja’s bizarre statement goes viral

Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja has made the bizarre claim that star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet is prepared by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientists. “Ronaldo’s ki jo diet plan hai vo NASA ke scientists set karte hain (Ronaldo’s diet plan is curated by scientists at NASA),” Ramiz said on Suno News. The video has gone viral on social media, with Raja being mocked by fans across the word.

Notably, Pakistan failed to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 semi-finals, but several of their renowned cricket experts made headlines owing to their weird remarks during the tournament. Throughout the competition, Pakistan experts made strange remarks, such as the ICC providing special balls to Indian bowlers to help them swing the ball more or modifying the surface to help them bundle the opposition.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a global icon in the field of football, is highly renowned for his impeccable fitness levels. The 36-year-old Portuguese forward is a testament to the fact that age is just a number when it comes to maintaining physical fitness. Ronaldo’s fitness regime and diet plan are as impressive as his footballing prowess, demonstrating the critical role that stamina and strength play in achieving sporting success.

Known for his explosive speed, exceptional agility, and remarkable stamina, Ronaldo’s fitness routine involves a perfect mix of intense workouts and a disciplined diet. From high-intensity cardio sessions to plyometric exercises, his daily regimen encompasses a broad spectrum of fitness routines aimed at enhancing muscular strength, speed, and flexibility. Ronaldo’s fitness protocol extends beyond the traditional gym culture, embracing Pilates and swimming as crucial components of his training sessions.

Equally important as his fitness regimen is Ronaldo’s dietary plans that fuel his strenuous workouts. He follows a high-protein diet consisting of lean meats and vegetables, with minimal sugar and processed foods, thereby ensuring an ideal balance between essential nutrition and caloric intake. Regular sleep and adequate hydration are other key aspects of his fitness routine.

Ronaldo has now scored 46 goals and assisted on 12 others this season. He is the third-highest scorer in the Premier League this season, after only Manchester City’s Erling Haaland (48) and Bayern Munich’s Harry Kane (47). Last week, Portugal defeated Lichtenstein and Iceland in the EURO 2024 Qualifiers, and Ronaldo started both games. He scored against Lichtenstein and assisted Ricardo Horta’s goal against Iceland as Portugal won both games 2-0.

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Saurabh Kumar

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Nov 23, 2023

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