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Cricketer’s Estranged Wife Hasin Jahan Gets Trolled For Lip-Syncing Video


Cricketer’s Estranged Wife Hasin Jahan Gets Trolled For Lip-Syncing Video


Indian cricket star Mohammed Shami stood out throughout the entire 2023 World Cup for all the right reasons, particularly for his exceptional bowling performance that helped refurbish his image following the controversial issues with his estranged wife Hasin Jahan back in 2018. Jahan had made multiple accusations against the cricketer, causing a significant upheaval in his professional life.

However, Shami turned the tide during the recent World Cup, reclaiming the spotlight for his on-field prowess. Meanwhile, Jahan’s recent social media video received a negative reception from netizens amidst the ongoing narrative.

Jahan posted a lip-syncing video on her official Instagram handle ‘hasinjahanofficial,’ syncing to the song ‘Dil Le Gaya Pardesi Koi Rokna Tha’ from the movie ‘Talaash,’ which quickly went viral. In the video, she appeared shy while waving her scarf, leaving viewers perplexed and inciting various reactions.

Netizens viewed her video as a ‘new drama,’ expressing dislike. Comments like “The phone with which you are making these reels has been gifted by Shami himself,” and “Apologize to Shami Bhai, he has a big heart and will forgive,” flooded the comments section.

The general sentiment was negative, with many recalling the turmoil Shami endured during his time with Jahan. Some branded her as dishonest, while others urged her to reconcile with Shami. The video, shared two days ago, has garnered over 340K views.

Hasin Jahan had been married twice, with Mohammed Shami being her second husband. Their relationship ended in 2018 amidst allegations of domestic violence and infidelity leveled against Shami. Their association began in 2012 when their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. During those days, Jahan worked as a cheerleader for the KKR team. Prior to her marriage with Shami, she was married to her childhood friend Sheikh Saifuddin, a resident of her locality. Born in Birbhum, Kolkata, she spent her formative years in Sivri, Birbhum


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