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AUS vs SL, ICC World Cup 2023 match: Mitchell Starc warns Kusal Perera of ‘mankading’


AUS vs SL, ICC World Cup 2023 match: Mitchell Starc warns Kusal Perera of ‘mankading’


Despite ‘run out at the non-striker’s end’ being a legitimate form of dismissal in ICC rule book, Australia’s Mitchell Starc Monday left Kusal Perera with a warning despite the Sri Lankan player being well outside the crease at the non-striker’s end when the fast bowler had pulled up in his run-up in the fourth ball of the very first over in the ICC World Cup 2023 match at the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow on October 16, 2023.

According to commentator Nasser Hussain, the Australian speedster spotted Perera looking to get a head start in every other delivery and hence, instead of bowling the fourth delivery, he stopped and told Perera “don’t leave your crease.”

He had spotted Starc informing the umpire about Perera’s act in the previous two deliveries, the former England captain said.

He continued: “After the first ball Starc had a little word with the umpire, Kusal Perera just leaving his crease… he was saying to Perera ‘don’t leave your crease’. That’s fair enough, he’s told the umpire now he’s told the batter, stay in your crease at that end… a very eventful first over.”

The Starc did try to repeat the same in fifth over, but Perera kept his bat inside the crease.

Social media was full of praise for Mitchell Starc, here are some reactions from the netizens over the incident.

“If we lose this game it’s bc starc didn’t do the mankad” posted a user

#KusalPerera leaves the crease early. Starc let’s the umpire know about it. Left the crease early again, warned Kusal Perera this time. Refused to get him out through ‘Mankad’ twice. Good sportsmanship from Starc,” reacted another user.


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