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Suresh Raina picks the athlete he would like to swap his life with, an actor for his biopic and much more


Suresh Raina picks the athlete he would like to swap his life with, an actor for his biopic and much more


As the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 captures the hearts of fans around the globe, one of India’s beloved cricketers, Suresh Raina, decided to spice things up with a delightful rapid-fire interview.

A key player in India’s historic cricket victories over the years, Raina shared his personal preferences and insights, leaving fans even more excited about the ongoing tournament.

A glimpse into Suresh Raina’s illustrious career

Raina hails from Uttar Pradesh and has left an indelible mark on Indian cricket. His exceptional all-round abilities and brilliant fielding skills have played a vital role in Team India’s numerous victories. Raina is a pioneer, being the first Indian to score centuries in all three cricket formats. He was part of India’s second ODI World Cup triumph in 2011 and the prestigious Champions Trophy in 2013. Additionally, his time with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL resulted in multiple championship titles, solidifying his legacy in the sport.

Raina’s fun rapid-fire interview

Raina recently indulged in a fun rapid-fire interview with ICC where he came up with some really intriguing choices and revealed the name of an athlete with whom he would like to swap his life, an actor who should play his biopic and much more.

Food that takes Raina back to his childhood

As Raina started the rapid-fire interview, the question about his favourite childhood food brought a nostalgic smile to his face. Without hesitation, he fondly reminisced about the taste of “Rajma Chawal” and “Kadhi Chawal”.

Actor who should play Raina in his Biopic

When the topic of who should portray him in his biographical film arose, Raina displayed a playful sense of humour. In a rather unexpected response, he quipped, “I will play the lead role in my biopic.” His self-assuredness even drew a chuckle from the interviewer.

Sixer or Catch – Which feels better?

As a seasoned cricketer known for his aggressive batting style and electrifying sixes, Raina had a clear preference in the ‘Sixer or Catch’ dilemma. He confidently stated that hitting a “Sixer” was what made him feel exhilarated.

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Advice for his 18-year-old self

Reflecting on his journey and the wisdom he’s gained, Raina offered a heartfelt piece of advice to his 18-year-old self. With a touch of wisdom, he urged his younger self to “Enjoy the game, play for the country, and strive for your future.” These words underlined Raina’s dedication to both personal growth and the progress of the Indian cricket team.

Alternative career if not a cricketer

Raina’s multifaceted interests emerged as he considered what he would have pursued if not for his cricketing career. In a rather surprising twist, he revealed his alternative choice – “A good cook.” Raina’s passion for culinary delights is well known, and he recently also opened a restaurant in the Netherlands.

Superpower Raina wishes to have

When asked about the superpower he’d wish for, Raina’s response tugged at the heartstrings of the fans. With a sombre tone, he expressed the desire to have the ability to “bring back his dad who’s no more.” This heartfelt wish revealed the depth of his love and the universal longing to reunite with a departed loved one.

Athlete Raina would like to swap his life with for a day

Raina’s admiration for sports legends was evident when he was asked which athlete he’d like to swap lives with for a day. He promptly mentioned two icons – Muhammad Ali and Major Dhyan Chand. His choices showcased his immense respect for these sporting legends and the dream of experiencing their greatness.

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