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Randy Orton’s WWE return: Braun Strowman reveals the message he sent to The Viper after seeing his physique


Randy Orton’s WWE return: Braun Strowman reveals the message he sent to The Viper after seeing his physique


Braun Strowman has revealed the message he sent to Randy Orton after seeing the incredible shape the Viper returned with at Survivor Series 2023.

Orton made his return to the company after a lengthy absence due to injury and was part of the WarGames winning team in the main event. The former WWE Champion made his intentions clear and signed with SmackDown with his target being Roman Reigns and the Universal title.

One of the striking things about Orton after his return was the incredible shape he is in at the moment, despite being out of action for a long time.

Strowman, while talking to India Today in an exclusive interview, said he was happy to see the former World Champion back. The Monster Of Monsters said he sent him a text message and said he can’t wait to get back in the ring with him.

The former Universal Champion said that Orton responded by jokingly telling him to stay away.

“I was so happy to see Randy come back and stuff like that. And as soon as I saw the shape that he was in, I sent him a text message right away. And I said, ‘I can’t wait to get in there and lock it up with you, big boy.’ And he said, ‘Stay away from me.,'” said Strowman.

Strowman expressed his happiness at having Orton back in the lockroom and hailed him as a multi-generational wrestler.

“Randy is such an unbelievable guy to be around. Such a locker room leader. I mean, he’s been in the business for such a long time. He’s a multi-generational wrestler. He has a wealth of knowledge. He’s a great human being. So it’s great to see him back.”

“And it’s unbelievable what it’s done for the ratings and stuff like that. So yeah, I love seeing Randy come home and things like that, and I look forward to getting back and, one, being around him. And two, if I can get my hands on him, I’m going to get my hands on him right now,” said Strowman.

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Published On:

Dec 8, 2023


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