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ODI World Cup 2023: Michael Atherton, Harbhajan Singh and other cricket icons slam Shakib Al Hasan over Angelo Mathews’ timed-out dismissal


ODI World Cup 2023: Michael Atherton, Harbhajan Singh and other cricket icons slam Shakib Al Hasan over Angelo Mathews’ timed-out dismissal


The ODI World Cup 2023 witnessed a massive controversy during the Sri Lanka-Bangladesh match in Delhi when Bangladesh’s captain, Shakib Al Hasan, appealed for a timed-out dismissal against Sri Lankan batter Angelo Mathews. The uproar escalated when the umpires upheld Shakib’s appeal, leading to widespread criticism within the cricketing community.

As per the rules for the 2023 World Cup, a new batter must face his first ball within two minutes after the previous batter has been dismissed. Mathews had reached the crease on time, but he encountered an issue with his helmet strap and requested a replacement.

Michael Atherton’s scathing critique

Former England cricketer and renowned commentator Michael Atherton expressed his strong disapproval of Shakib’s actions. He emphasized that it was crucial to uphold the laws of the game, but questioned Shakib’s decision.

“I don’t think the umpires were at fault because it is their job to uphold the laws of the game. But terrible from Shakib [Al Hasan]. It’s common sense. I haven’t spoken to one former player, yet, who thinks Bangladesh were in the right to do what they did. So, I have great sympathy for Angelo Mathews and Sri Lanka. I thought it was very poor from Shakib,” Atherton told Star Sports.

Harbhajan Singh questions the umpires

Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh raised concerns about the umpires’ role in this controversial dismissal. He highlighted that Mathews was prepared to face his first ball and needed a new helmet due to a broken strap. Harbhajan believed that the situation was unnecessarily escalated and criticized the umpires for upholding Shakib’s appeal.

“Mathews had come in at the right time and was ready to face his first ball. When he adjusted his helmet, he realized that the hook was broken. It’s obvious that he would want to change his helmet. He called for a new helmet. By the time a new helmet was brought it, Shakib appealed that two minutes had passed and the umpires upheld it. An issue was made out of nothing because he was given out. This is cricket, not a joke. For other stuff like dew and drama of players falling down, a lot of time is given. The umpires should have intervened in the matter and should have given a not out decision,” said Harbhajan on his YouTube channel.

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Misbah-ul-Haq questions Spirit of the Game

Former Pakistan skipper Misbah-ul-Haq expressed his disbelief over the appeal made by Shakib. He believed that the incident was a matter of seconds and questioned the “spirit of the game,” emphasizing that he would not have made such an appeal if he were the captain.

“Where is the common sense? He was ready to take the guard, strap fell out. I would have never appealed at the first place. This is against the true spirit of the game There was nothing. It was the mattter of 10-15 seconds, it doesn’t matter. Where is the spirit of the game? Cricket was gone,” said Misbah on A Sports.

Matthew Hayden’s strong words

Former Australian opener Matthew Hayden took a strong stance against the incident, terming it a severe blow to the spirit of cricket. He stated that cricket was a gentlemanly game, not a “win-at-all-cost” competition. Hayden’s comments highlighted the ethical and sportsmanship aspects of cricket that he felt were compromised.

“I had a problem with [non-striker runouts], but I am not sure what you call my problem with this incident because it just goes to a new level of damage to the Spirit of the Game. I don’t care what code that you put up here, the laws of the game, it’s common sense. It’s a gentlemanly game, it’s not a win-at-all-cost game,” said Hayden on Star Sports.

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